Landscape Management

Serving Severna Park, Annapolis, and Anne Arundel County since 1993

KW Landscaping offers a full range of landscape management services. Throughout the entire lifecycle of your vegetation—including boosting the nutrients and health of the soil itself—we ready to make your outdoors beautiful with our organic and environmentally supportive solutions.

Lawn Mowing and Grass Services

Lawn Mowing and Grass Services

Our service includes edging, trimming, blowing and picking up any sticks or trash. The lawn will be mowed at varying heights throughout the season to promote a healthy stand of grass and compete with weeds. The heights will be lower in the spring and fall to encourage tillering (branching) and higher in the summer to deal with summer stress. Service runs April through October.

Planting and Box Programs

Our service includes weeding & cleaning the beds and pruning shrubs, perennials, groundcovers for a manicured look. Roses will be pruned as well to promote repeat blooming. This service also includes a SPRING CLEAN-UP when the ornamental grasses and liriope are cut back and a FINAL CLEAN-UP when perennials are cut back after the frost. Service runs March through the end of the season. Ask about our Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Programs!

Bed Management

Bed Management

Our service includes an application of an Organic weed & feed and edging of the beds and trees. Organically dyed BROWN cedar mulch will be used. The benefits of Cedar mulch include slower decomposition (allowing the mulch to last longer) and natural insect resistance.

Organic Turf Management & Soil Stimulant

Yes this program is 100% Organic: This program is designed to grow a green, thick, lush lawn that is safe for you, your children, your beloved pets and my technicians. The turf will be fertilized monthly, March-October, ensuring a constant food supply. The turf will be overseeded in the fall. Overseeding is the best form of weed control because it creates competition that weeds cannot handle. The crew will spread 8lbs of seed per 1000sqft, this is double what University of Maryland recommends. Also in the fall, the lawn will be Aerated. Aeration ensures greater seed to soil contact which increases seed germination. The turf will be topdressed with compost in the fall too. 

Tree Root Feeding

Trees are an important asset on your property. Our service will inject Organic fertilizers and amendments that increase feeder root mass. This will lead to better nutrient and water absorption, as well as delivering much needed nutrients and bacteria. This service is done in the Fall.

Leaf Removal & Curbside Pickup

Our service includes blowing the leaves from the roof and gutters, the lawn and the beds. A final mowing will be completed to create a crisp clean look. Service provided in November, December, and January if needed.

Earthworm Release

Worms digest organic matter and create castings. Castings are full of beneficial nutrients. Worms, as they tunnel, aerate the soil allowing oxygen and water to penetrate and reach the roots. This service is done in the spring and approximately 500 worms will be applied to 1000 square feet. You are welcome to name each one.

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