Things Are Different Here

Some companies have a mission statement; some companies have a vision statement. At KW Landscaping Inc, we have a passion statement: Team KW believes in taking care of others so they can live a fulfilled life.

Our leadership believes in first taking care of and supporting every member of our team. This effort leads to fulfilled team members who then strive to take care of you, our clients, delivering projects built with craftsmanship—and managed gardens that respect Mother Earth—and allowing the full enjoyment of nature.

Because of our belief, most of our team members have been working with the company for over 10 years—some as long as 16! Our passion statement isn’t just words: it is something that is rooted in the culture of Team KW. Team members receive a very fair wage, fully funded health insurance, paid sick and personal leave, and paid holidays. Bonuses are frequently given to recognize the team’s efforts, and a substantial yearly bonus is given over the winter to celebrate the prior year’s efforts. The team also gets to enjoy periodic Free-Lunch Fridays and always looks forward to the coveted AMIGO DAY !

And the result of all our caring is work worth bragging about, a loyal (and growing) clientele, and all our 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook. Our team delivers not only great landscaping solutions, but a wonderful landscaping experience: that special feeling when you know you made the right decision Team KW!  

Meet Israel

Meet Israel

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